Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hall of Fame Monitor

For you baseball stats junkies out there, check out this site (part of, the best baseball stats site around). It assigns number values to certain achievements in the hopes of predicting who will be elected into the hall of fame. It looks like they've tweaked the numbers pretty well - just about everyone with a score over 130 is in, or will likely get in. Meanwhile, all the players floating around 100 have a shot, which is what the site's creators intended. It also gives you a different perspective on some players who are in, but may not have deserved it all that much. Yes, I'm talking about you, Dave "Beauty" Bancroft.

Of course, the cross-century comparisons are flawed a bit by the dead-ball, player strength, etc, but they do include a lot of transcendent statistics (aka awards, team performance, etc), which help. Plus, the old players have advantages too, such as wins for pitchers (the 2-day rotation helps), stolen bases, and the like. So maybe it all evens out.

Oh, and since you're curious, Ichiro is already at 81. Only Albert Pujols has a higher score after 3 years in the game. Since many of the site's calculations are based upon bulk (longevity seems to be a big factor in hall of fame selection, even if the player wasn't all-that most years), all that's standing in Ichiro's way is time. Well, that and a half-dozen more 200 hit seasons. (from Mariner Musings)

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