Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Meanest Senator

This Opinionjournal piece bought to my attention another reason to support Toomey today - Specter is the Senate's meanest member, according to this survey of hill staffers.

I like this list a lot - it seems to track what I heard when I was in D.C. pretty well. I especially like the Patty Murray - Barbara Boxer - Rick Santorum lineup for "No Rocket Scientist." I talked about Rick earlier, so skip that. Patty Murray is my home-state Senator, so I know her well. Yes, personally. Ok, no. But if you don't know her, just imagine Hillary Clinton without all the baggage that comes with accomplishment and minimal intelligence.

And you all know Barbara Boxer. But if you don't, score one for you.

One thing about the poll suprised me, though. In the House, Barney Frank got "Brainiest" and "Funniest." That's all fine and good, but what about "Meanest?" I've heard that Frank is very cruel to his assistants, staff, etc. behind the scenes. You'd think that would've showed up in the staffer poll. Maybe the Right-Wing Conspiracy fed me bad info.

Anyway, one thing's for certain: Specter is a jerk. Let's hope he goes away.

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