Thursday, April 15, 2004

Cleaning House

Over time I've collected some links that I intended to post on, but you know how that goes. I thought I'd just put them out there for you, in case you'd missed some of these interesting stories (many are from How Appealing, of course).


This guy passed the bar. It was his 48th try.

This guy didn't show up for work. Unfortunately, "work" that day was oral argument in front of the California Supreme Court. (from How Appealing)

This guy shouldn't have showed up for work. (from How Appealing)

I've heard Newdow is a very weird guy. Here's proof.

The Ninth Circuit is following in the Seventh’s footsteps (for once), releasing its oral arguments’ audio online. The only catch – the audio for a given argument is only stored for three months. Still cool, though. One hopes the lower federal courts will go the video route more often too.

Judge Easterbrook has some good thoughts on proposed Rule 32.1, concerning unpublished opinions. (from How Appealing)

Supreme Court cases come from all kinds of people. Some have websites. (from How Appealing)

Curious how often the Justices recuse themselves? See here. (from How Appealing)

Here's an article on a Supreme Court case I'll be working on this summer a little bit. And yes, little means little. But I'm still excited.

Here's a ranking of the most business-friendly state legal systems. Mississippi juries have not been kind to the corps, that's for sure. (from Jurist)


I can't wait to see Peter Jackson complete the series with The Hobbit. Let's hope this project doesn't get derailed somehow.

P Diddy says he's quitting as an artist. Why do all these rappers quit? Is their music really so banal that they feel like they've done everything after a couple of albums? The answer: yes. Now Outkast, that's a real group.

Speaking of real groups, Coldplay are the real deal. Can't wait for their new album in 2005.


Teresa Kerry brings a lot of things to the Kerry campaign. Class isn't one of them. I mean really, "asses of evil"? (from Instapundit)

I've had the good fortune of attending pretty politically-balanced institutions. Others haven't been so lucky. Perhaps this should be required reading.

Ahh, that feels good.

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